LINE Series


The new MK2 Version with Plugin of Aluminium.

The bFly-audio MLA Technology in an noble Aluminium chassis.

Recommended for HighEnd devices and loudspeakers

High effective Multi Layer Absorber with an balanced combination
of Sorbothane, natural rubber and massive metal chassis.

LINE Series

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Product no.: LINE

The new MK2 Version with Plugin of aluminium.

In 4 sizes:  Height each 12mm

  Load capacity  Diameter   Price 4 pcs
 LINE-1    5 kg  27 mm     75,00 €
 LINE-2  10 kg  32 mm     85,00 €
 LINE-3  20 kg  37 mm     95,00 €
 LINE-4  45 kg  44 mm   105,00 €


from 75.00 / set(s) *

can be shipped within 3 days

* Prices include VAT, plus delivery