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The Little Fwend is universally applicable.

Because of different height of tone arm there are two variants


For safety, power off the turntable motor. Please measure the distance from mounting/plinth surface up to the underside of tonearm wand. Take the measurement when the tonearm has correct VTA and the needle is in the groove. Subtract approx. 1mm from this distance, to make sure there will be safe clearance between the rubber beam and the moving tonearm.

Model  L  (low)               32mm to  49mm     diameter of foot 16mm
Model H  (high)              49mm to  82mm     diameter of foot 19mm

Little Disco Fwend  for TECHNICS 1200 Series
                                       Technics SL-1200 / 1210
                                        with standard tone arm


Selection Little Fwend Model L and H

Littlefend_Montage_low   Littlefend_Montage_high





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