xPLTH3 Absorber base für THORENS Series 300

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Customized absorber plates for old THORENS models

       TD 321  320  318  316

The new X-Serie with 3 high adjustable absorber feet
The double absorption lead to a perceptible improvement in the sound.


  • Absorber plate 16mm MDF
  • Massive wooden frame
  • Integrated damping with Sorbothane, cork and natural rubber (see pictures)
  • 3 high adjustable absorber feet

No Installation: Plug&Play

No installation required.
Place your turntable into the bFly-audio absorber plate and your THORENS looks like on the pictures.

The sound will be improved dramatically because of the
Integrated Damping with 5 Absorbers

  • One absorber central under the weak base plate of the THORENS
    eliminates the negative vibrations of the often critized labile metal base plate.
  • 4 absorbers under the feet of the Thorens.

With this plate your meanwhile honest looking THORENS gets an new modern face.
Your THORENS will be an eye-catcher in your home.


Reports from Customers

  • .. What can I say................Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE German engineering,ideas & ECM records :)

    This plate made sound more detailed and live like,
    I'm very happy. Thanks so much.
  • ...So given the price, the results I obtained,
    I d say it s not only worth every single cent but also efficient! 
    A true affordable audiophile accesory with excellent results in terms  of vibrations damping.
    What I also like is the "no voodoo" aspect of the product: 
    it s sorbothane, it s easy to install and nothing else.



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