About us


Highend - Assessories of the Best  . . . for small money


Tuning of HIGH END Equipment:
Turntables, CD players, Amplifiers, Tube Amplifiers,  and loudspeakers

Since 10 years we are active in a variety of HIGH END issues.
After many experiments with upscale HIGH END assessories we concluded that
as music lover you get
often for very much money only small, so far only, better results.

Since some years we experiment with the material Sorbothane, with great success (Details see Sorbothane)
Meanwhile Sorbothane is part of many of our products.

After numerous examinations we developed in combination with Sorbothane the bFly-audio

MLA-Technologie (Multi Layer Adjustment)


The Concept

Some selective balanced Layers (Multi Layer)
of different absorber materials 
Sorbothane, cork, natural rubber etc.

Separated with an non-absorption Layer (metal etc.).

Optimal  adaption to the weight of the device by different variants (Adjustment)


The Effectiveness 

Each absorber layer provides filtering of different frequency ranges.
Improved cumulative effect compared to single materials




The good old THORENS
® turntables of the Series 3xx-er, 14x und 16x Serie
are able to compete with new turntables in higher price sector, even today.

With our Tuning-Kits for THORENS we improve your old treasure, acoustical and optical.

Read the German article in LP-Magazin  01/2012.


Our Signal Cable  FC1

After many years of our own "addiction" to more and more expensive cables,
which results in very small improvements related to the price,
we started with the development of our own cable.

Our FC1 based on flat copper with cotton and rubber as dielectric material
The surface of the cable is 90% on the air, the best dielectric .

The FC1 Cable after many years of development has reached an level,
which can beat cables for 2000 EUR and more.


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