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The PRO version has  a ring of cork and rubber granules annd additionally a slice of the polymer Sorbothane®, which is separated by a sheet-like insert (purple) between the cork and rubber ring. The selective separation of the two absorber layers ensures further improved absorption.

Set with 4 pieces  for 1 loadspeaker

Max. Load:       TALIS Basic M up to 50kg / set
                         TALIS L up to 400kg / set
Screws:            optional M6, M8, M10 or M12
                         including 2 sets screws:  15mm and 25mm lenght
                         M8 fine thread  e.g. for USM Haller only 15mm available 

Diameter:         TALIS   M   42mm
                         TALIS   L   55mm
Colors:             Aluminium or Black

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