COLLOMIX CX 22 DUO Set with MKD 120 HF

COLLOMIX CX 22 DUO Set with MKD 120 HF

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Do you have to mix 2-component materials or slightly moist mixes? The simple solution is called the Collomix range of CX DUO hand mixers. The critical advantage over single shaft machines is that you get things done twice as fast. Featuring optimized gearing for maximum power utilization.

The mixer is easy to guide because there is no counter-torque on the machine during operation. Suitable for both heavy and liquid materials.


hand mixer CX 22 DUO

The compact, easy to handle forced-action mixer with 2-speed gear unit, it is highly powerful and is designed for medium batch volumes of up to 50 liters.

Weight-reduced motor housing made of shatter-proof GFRP, with diecast aluminum gear unit housing,
guard handle and Hexafix®.

Power rating: 1000 W / 230 V
Rotation speed: - 400 / 520 rpm
Mixing volume: - 50 litres


Comes in a set with MKD 120 HF mixing tool.

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