PFT CUTMASTER 1100/310 with transport case

PFT CUTMASTER 1100/310 with transport case

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The new Cutting Tool PFT CUTMASTER 1110/310


even allows cutting due to its cutting height of 1,110 mm and cutting depth of 310 mm in different formats: "height" and "thick"?

No problem for the PFT CUTMASTER.

Overlap cuts

Thanks to the depth stop attachment screw at the cutting bow you can easily achieve cuts for wall projections and overlaps.


PFT CUTMASTER also handles cut-outs for e.g. cable ducts or waste water pipes easily thanks to its depth stop.

Mitre cuts

The cutting bow can be adjusted variably to any position. For easy handling the cutting bow locks at 45° and at 90°.

Angular cuts

The two aluminium support brackets can be continuously adjusted and locked between 0° and 90°. The support bracket on the right side ensures that the remaining part of the cut does not fall down. The angular adjustment of the aluminium cutting bow can be fixed by an attachment screw.


Advantages at a glance

  • The PFT CUTMASTER folds flat and is therefore lightweight and can be transported and stored in a space-saving way.
  • Folding feet enable you to work in two working heights. The lowered working positions can be helpful e.g. in confined space conditions in the topmost lift on a scaffold.
  • The combi base plate on the back serves as admission for the integrated support foot or for attachment of a scaffold.
  • The stainless steel protective bow is welded on both sides onto the swivel units. The clamp below serves to protect the spiral cable.
  • The clamp above can be used as eyelet for transport by crane.
  • The fixed mounted transformer permits a high cutting speed and an extremely short heating-up time. The transformer is doubly protected. A thermal fuse is integrated against overheating and a replaceable micro fuse against short-circuit currents.
  • A push button, integrated in the cutting bow reduces the danger of injury at a hot wire and extends the service life of the hot wire.
  • The welted cutting bow prevents that the product gets burred during process of cutting.
  • By the depth stops which are positioned at the hangers you can fix the cutting depth.
  • All straightedges are extremely scrub resistant and recessed at the ground plate and the support brackets.
  • In case of angular cuts a patented “memory device” guarantees rational cutting of e.g. rake angle cuts.
  • Thanks to a second support angle it is possible a second slanted position and furthermore, a fall down of the cut parts is avoided.
  • Also in folded position the hot wire cutting tool stands on the individual feet – no scratching.
  • Thanks to its sturdy lightweight design the PFT CUTMASTER only weigths in at 17 kg.

Technical Data

  • Cutting height 1,110 mm
  • Cutting depth 310 mm
  • Mitre cuts laterally Cutting bows on the right and on the left side, tilting to 45° angle
  • Cutting bows made by aluminium with integrated push button
  • Swivel base for two working positions
  • Support angle on the left side: up to 980 mm
  • Support angle on the right side: up to 420 mm
  • Base plate laminated Birchwood multi-layer board, double coated and therefore water resistant
  • Transformer primary 230 V, 50 Hz, secondary 28 V, power 150 VA
  • Fuse protection transformer thermal fuse and microfuse 5 x 20 1,5 A  spiral cable PUR with anti-kink device
  • Dimensions (in folded position) Depth 190 mm Width 710 mm Height 1,350 mm
  • Total weight 17.0 kg

The Brochure   PFT CUTMASTER can be downloaded here:


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