Polishing sponge wafer black, Ø 200 [FLEX 376.507]

Polishing sponge wafer black, Ø 200 [FLEX 376.507]

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PSW-BL 200 Polishing sponge wafer black, Ø 200 [FLEX 376.507]FLEX_Zubehoer_by_Bautec


Wafer sponge of an extremely soft and fine foam structure. The special PerfectTouch sandwich design and extra firm white foam layer give the pad much more stiffness and it does not compress so easily. As a result, holograms and micro-scratches, in particular, can be more efficiently and reliably removed. The special design also extends the service life of the polishing disc. With setback velour for assured polishing and as a centering aid. Ideally suited - together with the fine polishing compound - for removing holograms and also for paint care and sealing in combination with the high-gloss polish.

  • Dimensions: Ø 200 mm x 30 mm

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