CHE 5-40 SDS-max [FLEX 439.665]

CHE 5-40 SDS-max [FLEX 439.665]

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CHE 5-40 SDS-max [FLEX 439.665]FLEX_Logo


Universal rotary hammer drill, 5 kg, SDS-max

  • 1050 watt hammer drill and chisel hammer in D-build with high impact energy and low vibrations
  • Function switch with three functions: hammer drilling, chiselling, chisel adjustment
  • Safety slip clutch: offers protection if the core drill is jammed
  • Accelerator trigger switch
  • Rotation stop for chiselling
  • Decoupled, ergonomic handle with rubberised grip surface. Vibrations are reduced by a sprung damper and additional vibration damping between the housing and handle
  • Ideal for hammer-drilling, diameter 40 mm in masonry and concrete for composite or injection anchoring systems and through-holes
  • For chiselling work when removing plaster and tiles

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