VBW CombiCUT® compact bolt cutters

VBW CombiCUT® compact bolt cutters

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Combi CUT bolt cutters, red lacquered, ergonomic handles, length = 39 cm

  • Top-of-the-range quality with the yellow dot
  • On average, 25% less effort required to make cuts
  • Cutting force up to 48 HRc
  • Compact, handy model
  • Limit stop with buffer zone
  • Highly accurate cutterhead made of special chrome vanadium steel
  • Cutter head and tubular head are drop-forged
  • Adjustment of the cutter is not necessary
  • Hardened and tempered
  • DBGM
  • Ergonomically designed plastic handles designed with the specific application in mind

! Hint: Model 433 is 39 cm long and will fit in any tool bag. Typical users are mechanics, bricklayers, reinforced-concrete workers, roofers, road and sewer builders, agricultural workers and agricultural machinery workshops, police, fire brigades, the Armed Forces and shipbuilders.

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