FLEX Mixer MXE 1102

FLEX Mixer MXE 1102

Product no.: 72-MXE1102-2 (Please select the version: KIT WR2 with helix paddle WR2)

Model no longer available!

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1080 watt 2-gear mixer with speed control

FR full-wave electronic control: with soft start, temperature monitoring, overload protection and accelerator switch - for a controlled run-up to the optimum mixing speed. Sustained power in all speed ranges

Large, rugged 2-gear unit with optimum ratios for powerful torque and correct speed for different materials

Ergonomic handles on the drive unit: low weight, fatigue-free arm posture and upright body posture allow comfortable, ergonomic operation. With anti-slip coating

Stable safety and deposit hoop: Protects the machine from dirt and damage

Universal mixer for practically all construction materials: the 2nd gear provides it with exceptional sustained power in the top and low speed range

•Mixture: pasty to tough such as tile adhesive, grout, filler compound, adhesive, finished plaster, adhesive mortar


Technical attributes

No load speed 1st gear 150-530 rpm

No load speed 2nd gear 200-750 rpm

Power input 1080 watt

Power output 650 watt

Tool fixture M 14

Clamping neck Ø 43 mm

Max. mixing paddle Ø 130 mm

Weight 5,3 kg


Standard equipment

  • 1 WR2 helix paddle 120x600 M14 368.881
  • 1 open-ended wrench SW 19


Price is already reduced compared to the FLEX-catalog price !

Additional product information

Please select the version KIT WR2 with helix paddle WR2

Selection: FLEX Mixer MXE 1102

Product no. Please select the version Price
72-MXE1102-2 KIT WR2 with helix paddle WR2 232.00 *
72-MXE1102-1 KIT WR3R with helix paddle WR3R 232.00 *
72-MXE1102-3 KIT SR2 with disc paddle SR2 232.00 *
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