KIP 3896 Butyl-tape

KIP 3896 Butyl-tape

Product no.: 27896-37

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Properties: Self fusing tape with very good electrical and physical characteristics. The tape will fuse onto itself in seconds after it is stretched and wrapped around any object. For the best result the overlap has to be at least 50%. The tape does not leave any residue after removal.

Use: For air-tight and water-tight sealings. Repairs and seals elektrical wiring, broken hoses, tubings, pipes etc.

Size: 5 m x 38 mm

Article no: 3896

Length: 5 m Width: 38 mm

M.P.U.: 12 rolls

Technical data

Backing: Ethylen-Propylen Kautschuk

Thickness: 0,75 mm

Tensile strength: 2,2 MPa (0,0022 N/m2) N/10 mm

Elongation: 650%

Temperature : - 40 / + 90 °C

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