PRO UNIVERSAL TP (width 8,0 mm)

PRO UNIVERSAL TP (width 8,0 mm)

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NORTON-CLIPPER mortar raker PRO UNIVERSAL TP 8,0 mm Ø 115 x 22,2 mmLOGO_NortonSaint-Gobain-Clipper

(formerly TP Mortar Raker)


Logo_Dia_Stein.jpg  Pikto-PRO-4Sterne  Pikto-Trocken-und-Nass

Application : Removal of mortar joints between bricks, natural stone blocks or facing.

Diameter: Ø 115 to 125 mm Segment height: 6,5 mm Segment width: 4,5 to 8,0 mm

Segmented disc: soldered, dry or wet cutting-.

  • The mortar rakers are equipped with extra wide cutting segments and long protection segments and thus ensure an optimal life.


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Please select Ø and bore! Ø 115 x 22,2 mm

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