Cortacéspedes EGO PowerPlus

Cortacéspedes EGO PowerPlus

Cortacéspedes a batería

Más silencioso que cortacéspedes de gasolina - fácil de usar y libre de emisiones




Significantly quieter than a petrol mower and with far lower service costs and zero emissions during use, the EGO Power+ mower range offers a variety of large cutting capacities. This lets you comfortably tackle any lawn in less passes, while the large capacity bag needs emptying less often.

The variable speed self-propel motor keeps you in control as you cut. Plus on a single charge our battery gives you up to 45 minutes run time.* Automatic Variable Speed on selected models, delivers optimal cutting speed to maximise battery run time whilst maintaining grass cutting performance.

The 3-in-1 functionality lets you bag, mulch or side discharge clippings while the LED headlights let you work further into the day. And when you’re done, the easy-fold design makes cleaning and storage simple.

(*Run time can vary depending on model and battery as well as condition of grass and user operating technique.)


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