HM 2006 400 V, 3 kW met rubber mengzone

HM 2006 400 V, 3 kW met rubber mengzone

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De PFT HM 2006 is een compacte, high-performance mixer voor zakken materiaal. In een oogwenk is het klaar voor gebruik, betrouwbare, efficiënte en eenvoudig te bedienen.



The PFT HM 2006 continuously and fully automatically mixes all lime/cement-based, ready-mixed dry mortars, such as:

  • Bonding and reinforcing mortars
  • Masonry mortars
  • Jointing mortars
  • Plastering mortars
  • Screed mortars
  • Levelling compounds


  • Detachable pedestal
  • Machine can also be mounted under a silo using a delivery hood
  • Due to the removable rubber mixing tube, there is hardly any material adherence, almost self-cleaning
  • Separate control unit
  • Especially suitable for the application of bonding mortar
  • Can be combined with the PFT range of machines
  • GS-marked and safety tested by Bauberufsgenossenschaft BBG (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association for the building sector)
  • In accordance with CE-Directives
  • Light, portable modules; the central body only weighs 23.5 kg


  • Mixing capacity* 25 – 50 l/min
  • Dosing shaft standard* approx. 35 l/min
  • Drive 3 kW, 280 rpm
  • Power connection 400 V, 16A
  • Water connetion 3/4”
  • Water connection pressure 2.5 bar when the machine is running
  • Container connection possible via a delivery hood
  • Total length 1.650mm Total height 650mm Total width 1.000mm
  • Total weight approx. 131 kg

* depending on motor speed, mortar quality and consistency and type of dosing shaft Photos do not always correspond to the technical extend of delivery.

Standard equipment:

  • Dosing shaft 35 l/min
  • Axial water inlet
  • Big material hopper
  • Detachable pedestal
  • Integrated control box with solenoid valve and pressure reducer
  • Removable rubber mixing tube
  • Operating instructions

De brochure  PFT HM 2006 kan hier gedownload worden: (Duitse versie)


De brochure  PFT HM 2006 kan hier gedownload worden: (Engels versie)


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