FILZOMAT voor mortar cpl.

FILZOMAT voor mortar cpl.

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Aflevergewicht: 30 kg
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The PFT FILZOMAT supports felting of plastering holes. By the rotation of the exchangeable discs a plane and smooth surface of fine quality is achieved. The integrated water sprinkling always provides for the required lubrication on the wall.

With the basic equipment you can carry out all incoming works for structure and smoothing plasters. Complex smoothing techniques become just a breeze thanks to the PFT FILZOMAT. Depending on the requirements the accessory, grinding and sponge discs can be exchanged in no time.

The PFT FILZOMAT is just perfect

  • for scraping and felting for preparing the ground plaster
  • for grinding, scratching, felting and brushing of finishing coat
  • for felting, ironing and polishing of trowel plasters for creative smoothing or decorative techniques


  • safety-low voltage of 12 V at the hand set, therefore, permanent high personal safety
  • automatic water injection directly into the hand set – no time-consuming and uncontrolled moistening
  • change of the sponge float, friction disc or shaving disc by Velcro fastener
  • adjustable speed 70–120 rpm
  • bases station connecting voltage 230 V, single phase

The PFT FILZOMAT helps you to save power and time.



  • Capacity 800W
  • Power connection 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz
  • Water pump 12 V direct current, 24 l/min
  • Mixer motor 37 V direct current, 120W
  • Content of water tank 5 l
  • Plaster smoothing machine Ø 400mm
  • Dimensions and weight: Control unit L/W/H 470/280/360 mm
  • Weight smoothing machine approx. 6 kg
  • Weight control unit approx. 15 kg

Standard equipment:

- Plaster smoothing machine with water dosage

- Control unit with water tank and handle

- 4 Sponge discs (fine, middle, coarse porous, hard)

- 1 Friction disc

- 1 Scraping disc with 4 cutters

- Screw driver

- Protection glasses

- Transport box

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