Various - Behind The Dykes Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1964 -1972 2LP

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1 Stück = 20,95 €

A1 The Motions - It's Gone

A2 Sandy Coast - Being in Love

A3 The Outsiders - Touch

A4 The Incrowd - I'll be Free

A5 The Beat Buddies - I Don't Care

A6 The Heralds - I Wish I Was Strong

A7 The Scarlets - Please Come Home

A8 Baldwin - The Land at Rainbow's End

A9 The Counts - I Should be Better Off Without You

A10 Short '66 - Ev'ry Moment

B1 The Haigs - Saturday Night

B2 The Bobby Green Selection - The Game of Love

B3 1-2-3-4-5 - The Snake

B4 The Bumble Bees - Maybe Someday

B5 Dimitri - Got a Dog Named Sally

B6 Nou & - Like my Dear Cigarette

B7 Indiscrimination - Wishful Thinking

B8 BZN - Maybe Someday

B9 Dragonfly - Celestial Empire

B10 The Fool - Rainbow Men

B11 Pol & Paul - Anywhere I Go

C1 Shocking Blue - Love Buzz

C2 Sound Of Imker - Train of Doomsday

C3 Names And Faces - The Killer

C4 Popera - Because I Love You

C5 Modesty Blaise - Mingus

C6 The Tykes - Let's Dance

C7 Amsterdam - Blue Steel 44

C8 Airport - Pride of Man

D1 World - She Don't Care About Time

D2 Jug Session - Easy Here

D3 Freddies - Comedy is Over Now

D4 Alligatorman - Alligatorman

D5 Holland - Hans Brinker Symphony

D6 Nanda - Everything is Allright

D7 Painting House - It's Allright

D8 Supersister - Radio

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