Yes - Songs from Tsongas 4LP Ltd Col. Vinyl

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1 Stück = 9,98 €

A1 Intro / Firebird Suite

A2 Going For The One

A3 Sweet Dreams

A4 I've Seen All Good People

B1 Mind Drive Parts 1 & 2

B2 South Side Of The Sky

B3 Turn Of The Century

C1 My Eyes

C2 Mind Drive Part 3

C3 Yours Is No Disgrace

C4 The Meeting (Piano Solo)

D1 Long Distance Runaround

D2 Wonderous Stories

D3 Time Is Time

D4 Roundabout

D5 Show Me

E1 Owner Of A Lonely Heart

E2 Second Initial (Guitar Solo)

E3 Rhythm Of Love

E4 And You And I

F1 Ritual

G1 Every Little Thing

G2 Starship Trooper

H Etched

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