Various - Memphis Soul’68 LP

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A1 Roscoe Robinson – You Don't Move Me No More

A2 Lamp Sisters – No Cure For The Blues

A3 L.H. & The Memphis Sounds – Out Of Control

A4 Marvin Preyer – Climbing Up To Love

A5 Oscar Toney Jr. – A Love That Never Grows Cold

A6 Lee Rogers – The Same Things That Make You Laugh (Make You Cry)

A7 Eddie Harrison – Your Eyes May Shine

A8 James Fry – Tumblin' Down

B1 Joe Simon – Looking Back

B2 L.C. Cook – Half A Man

B3 The Masqueraders – Sweet Lovin' Woman

B4 Bart Jackson – Dancing Man

B5 Homer Banks – Foolish Hearts Break Fast

B6 Double Soul – I Can't Use You

B7 Terry Felton – I Don't Want To Have To Wait

B8 Ted Ford – You're Gonna Need Me

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