Various - Chicago Soul `66 LP

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In the 1950s Chicago was the blues capital of the world. But by 1966 musical tastes had changed. R&B had morphed into hard soul and newer soft soul musical stylings had coalesced from earlier doo wop motifs, with bigger and more sophisticated productions. This was the era of the small independent owners/producers, all vying for airplay and sales in a hugely competitive marketplace. This landmark LP showcases many of the best of this output -- the sounds that hit music listeners and buyers straight from the street. The mix here is a perfect blend of the tough hard soul style and the softer soul sounds. Just right for the feet and the heart. Features Josephine Taylor, Jackie Beavers, Five Stairsteps, Betty Everett, Tim, Tyrone, Cash McCall, Andrea Davis, Jamo Thomas, Jean Dushon, Jimmy Dobbins, Chuck Bernard, Sonny Warner, The C.O.D.'s, Joyce Davis, and Johnny Sayles.

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