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Greys - If Anything LP+MP3

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If Anything, the first full-length by Greys, is the young quartet’s own warped update of vintage post-punk; frenetic guitars running against walls of noise, held together by sharp strands of melody. Emerging from the vibrant Toronto punk scene, Greys are economical in their swift punches of noise, anchoring short bursts of mania with huge choruses. “Each song exists in its own space and represents different aspects of the things we like about noisy, dissonant music,” says singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani. “But instead of being built solely around riffs, they were built with hooks in mind, too.”

  • 1.Guy Picciotto
  • 2. Use Your Delusion
  • 3. Flip Yr Lid
  • 4. Adderall
  • 5. Pretty Grim
  • 6. Chick Singer
  • 7. Girl In Landscape
  • 8. Brain Dead
  • 9. Cold Soak
  • 10. Brief Lives
  • 11. Lull
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6 - 6 von 15 Ergebnissen