sleepypod warmer set

sleepypod warmer set

(sleepypod warmer set: for sleepypod)

Sleepypod Warmer Set

the Sleepypod warming pad is available for added security and to ward away the cold of those especially chilly nights. the low wattage warmer is designed to maintain a toasty 102°F (39°C), perfect for those times when a human lap just isn't available. the adaptor with its quick disconnect cord is rated for 100-240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. adaptors are available for europe (CE GS TUV) and additional a 12V car adaptor for use on the road. who says the pampering has to stop once you leave the house? when not using the warmer, simply remove it from your Sleepypod or unplug the adapter and tuck the connector inside the bedding to prevent your pet from chewing on the cord. the Sleepypod warmer Pad is completely sealed against so that it remains safe when wet and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. the warmers are very low power and designed with your pet's safety first. it will at most only feel slightly warmer than your own body temperature. it will feel warmer where your pet is lying on it. if left out in the open it will not feel warm at all as the small amount of heat it produces quickly dissipates in to the surrounding air. similarly the areas that are not covered with a pet will also stay cool to the touch. our test is to roll a towel up and cover the warmer while it is installed in the bed and let is run for at least 10 minutes. it should feel warm under the towel. in extremely cold weather will never reach 102°F (39°C), but will do its best to get as warm as it can.

Sleepypod warmer ca. 0,5cm x 37cm Ø
Sleepypod mini warmer ca. 0,5cm x 27cm Ø


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