wegman cube doodle dog

wegman cube doodle dog

(color: available in 3 colors)

fuchs & fjonkas Wegman-Cube-Collektion - Doodle Dog

who says cats don´t like dogs?
this cube provides maximum comfort and lofty dreams for your kitty. the material - crypton fabrics® - is easy to spot clean, washable, stain, moisture and odor resistant.
the fuchs & fjonka cube bed is available in different patterns and colors - please use the detail view for each sample. the cube has a nylon zipper and a silk insert, which is filled with eps pearls.
size: 48 x 48 cm, 30 cm high
fabric design: william wegman

Product variations
comes in many colors
color: comes in many colors
color: lapis
192.00 *
color: primrose
192.00 *
color: phantom
192.00 *

price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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