miau modul

miau modul


build a climb, play, and hide-paradise for your cats.
by stacking and arranging the cubes, you can determin the paying options and the size of this paradise.

the cubes are approx 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
load capacity: 5kg, so it is suitable for large cats
the holes on the side have a diameter of approx 16cm and can be increased to about 26cm (prepunched). the holes on top and bottom are approximately 14cm in diameter.

completely out of thick cardboard furniture, so very thick and strong
with velcro cubes can be attached to each other. would you prefer to retain the flexibility to rearrange them regularly or you have wild playing cats, you can connect them to each other  metal paper-clippers (not included. available in any paper shop)

the modules are delivered folded flat and your fold them into a box.


price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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