scratch tree bamboo vertical

scratch tree bamboo vertical

(mohair insert: available in 9 colors)

Scratch Tree Baobab - Bamboo Vertical

"Baobab" is a very large tree native to madagascar, africa and australia. so large, that some people have hollowed out the trunk and moved in. this Baobab is much smaller, but is sure to become your cat’s new home within your home. the 4 branches provided are for climbing and playing, while the treetop is a perfect place to rest, observe, or scratch. assembly with
screw-driver is required. available in 9 different mohair colors.
100% rapidly renewable plyboo architectural plywood, which is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo. Baobab is ready for shipment in approx. 3 - 4 weeks and for this product occur higher shipping costs.
with rubber feet
also available: removable/replaceable inserts
design by: sean hamilton
dimensions: 60"H x 23"W x 23"D
branches: 15W" x 11D"
weight: ca. 26kg

Product variations
available in 9 colors
mohair insert: available in 9 colors
mohair insert: brown
mohair insert: orange
mohair insert: blue
mohair insert: green
mohair insert: black
mohair insert: grass
mohair insert: maroon
mohair insert: purple
mohair insert: beige
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