rondo stand imitation leather

rondo stand imitation leather

(material colours: crème, cushion colours: crème)

RONDO STAND - Imitation Leather

was developed for cats as an item of furniture for both action and rest. this new product not only fascinated the customers, but also the german design council, and it was nominated to the design prize in the german federal republic. from the height, the curious cats have an overview on what's going on, and remain protected from the noise and from being seen. this gives these sound-sensitive animals the necessary peace and relaxation. thanks to an additional 'scratch-wrapping', you'll give your cat the possibility to whet and to sharpen his claws without affecting rondo's surface. the diameter of the plate base and the total weight of the rondo stand means there is no danger of tipping over, even with heavy cats. if you are uncertain about the material and colour you should choose, please request us a sample. slight variations in the colour of the material are possible. imitation leather: the imitation leather which is used is both haptic and optic hardly to be distinguished from authentic leather. artificial leather has a functional, abrasion-proof surface that serves its purpose in a practical, long-lasting way. the abrasion test according to martindale resulted in a value of 40,000. for comparison: good-quality fabrics for upholstered furniture have a value of 20,000. furthermore, the material is equipped with a flame-retardant system. care of imitation leather: neither artificial leather nor imitation leather need any preserving treatments. to cleanse, simply wipe with warm water and a delicate neutral soap solution. fleece cushions: it was the animals themselves that chose the fabric for the covers. the fleece which now used was unanimously selected by every cat and dog as their favourite material. animals love this material because of its closely-woven pile, its softness and its warmth features. but this fabric is also suitable for cushion covers thanks to the breathable activity of the material and the good characteristics for its care. the cosy fleece, with a density of 400g per square metre, is manufactured in italy for high-quality outdoor coverings. it remains perfectly soft and fluffy even after frequent washing and has an anti-pilling system. care of fleece: cushion covers can be machine-washed at 40º C and then gently dried in a dryer at low temperature. this enables to remove the remaining animal hairs.
additional articles optionally: cushion, scratch cover
dimension: length ca. 48 cm, width ca. 46 cm, height basket 33 cm, height rondo 80 cm
diameter of the plate base ca. 50 cm
total weight is of about 20 kg.

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