westie dog soap - gianna rose atelier®

westie dog soap - gianna rose atelier®

Gianna Rose Atelier® Canine Collection - Westie Dog Soap

he is clever, courageous and scented with a vanilla, melon, passion flower and rose petal fragrance.
an adorable gaze that says "take me out to play", you´ll enjoy the benefit of a new best friend, without the upkeep.
a perfect gift in a lively plaid box - not only for westie addicted!
the collections of Gianna Rose Atelier® offer a uniquely personal signature. working closely with expert fragrance houses, they have developed hallmark scents. natural botanical extracts and luscious, nurturing emollients are carefully chosen to create beautifully molded, triple-milled soaps which are longer-lasting and creamier. all soaps are 100% vegetable-based.

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