two poodles soap - gianna rose atelier®

two poodles soap - gianna rose atelier®

Gianna Rose Atelier® Canine Collection - Deux Chiennes à Paris Soap

open the bow on this adorable black, crème and pink argyle patterned box to find two french poodle shaped soaps. both are scented with mandarin, mango and jasmine.
you´ll think that you are strolling along the champs elysées.
the collections of Gianna Rose Atelier® offer a uniquely personal signature. working closely with expert fragrance houses, they have developed hallmark scents. natural botanical extracts and luscious, nurturing emollients are carefully chosen to create beautifully molded, triple-milled soaps which are longer-lasting and creamier. all soaps are 100% vegetable-based.


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