Meditation mat claret-red with cotton... 75x75 cm

Meditation mat claret-red with cotton... 75x75 cm

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Meditation Mat Ruby

Bottom mat 75cm x 75cm stuffed with soft cotton. Especially suitable for starters because it cushions the knees. The floor cushion (30cm x 20cm x 10cm) that goes with the mat is stuffed with buckwheat which perfectly adjusts to the sitting position.
Both covers are 100% tearproof cotton and have zippers. They are easy to take off and washable at 40 degrees. The inner covers are light nature cotton.

Stuffed with cotton


Berk Balance - Our New Meditation - and Yoga Line

In order to find some peace and balance in our fast-moving and hectic times, more and more people engage in meditation and yoga. The training of our perception and awareness leads to more calmness, deeper inner peace and can free us of a number of illnesses. More and more scientists recommend awareness meditations and yoga exercises in the struggle against burn-outs and mental blockades.
With our new line, we want to support this approach and offer the necessary equipment to everyone who decides to try it.

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