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After a long delay we have now implemented support for the current Korg series Pa4x/1000/700 in all our programs along with the sound maps for Yamaha Tyros 5 and Genos.

Due to quite numerous request regarding the newer Ketron keyboards we will probably do an update for these instruments as well, but this will not become available before 2019.

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Winlive Pro Synth from Italy provides comprehensive management and processing for media data of any type in a single program (audio, video, midi, graphics), especially for the creation and flexible handling of live shows (also Karaoke).

Further included is a virtual, GM/GS compatible synthesizer which will improve playback quality of midifiles drastically directly on your pc. It comes with a sound bank of 96MB with 30 Drumkits and 338 instruments.

Winlive Pro has been on the market for many years and has established itself as the leading softare of its kind in many countries, no exclusively available for Germany at EMC Software!

There are versions for Windows and Mac.

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