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MUCKBOOT Thurso Summer Boot, moss, cross-country-sole, hem, shock absorbing heel. Low height caoutchouc foot. Mid neoprene boot leg 50 cm higher tan the rear of the boot. Cooling technology Hyper-vent airmesh lining 3,5 mm, breathable for better air circulation.

The Muck Boot Thurso 3.5 Field Boots is a great year round boot that offers great protection from the elements regardless of the conditions. These boots protect your feet against the cold, while keeping them cool in winter, all the while protecting you against any dangers that may occur as you work in the field.

These boots are made a little thinner than some other Muckboot designs, with their Nylon top section being made with less bulk than some others to offer increased air flow. In doing this, the Muck Boot Thurso 3.5 Field Boots still retain their levels of protection, while making the boots a little cooler when temperatures rise, making sure that you are kept comfortable and that your feet are kept healthy. Along with this top piece, the Muck Boot Thurso 3.5 Field Boots are made with a tough rubber on the majority of the boot, running from the shin around to the Achilles, before reaching down to the sole of your foot.

Both the shin and Achilles and heel are protected by reinforced sections, while a reinforced toe cap keeps this area safe and free from harm. Furthermore, the Muck Boot Thurso 3.5 Field Boots are fitted with an anti shock heel at the sole that makes walking easier, while any bumps from harder terrain are neutralised a lot easier by the boot rather than your foot itself. This sole is made with a great anti clog tread that works well with uneven and rough ground to increase your grip. Along with this, a moulded insole is also fitted to the inside of the Muck Boot Thurso 3.5 Field Boots that offers additional stability and takes better care of your foot.

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