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Promotional products
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Spurs Royal with crystals, brushed
Old price £19.87
£16.69 *
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Delivery weight: 145 g
Product no.: UG-16300013-132
Riding Whip Starlet navy 65 cm, with glittering effect, with star figure flap and pony toy.
Old price £12.37
£10.39 *
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Delivery weight: 2,000 g

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Cleaning mitt Easy care cleaning mitt with elastic. Absorption of finest dust and dirt particles per fine microfibre with antistatic effect. Perfect for finishing after the main cleaning, guarantees shiney fur. Material 80 % polyester, 20 % nylon. Washable 60 ° C.
Old price £4.62
£3.88 *
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Delivery weight: 30 g

Alphabet Browband Choose also the letters, stars and hearts you want to complete this browband and push them up.

£17.50 *
Delivery weight: 500 g
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