Side reins / draw reins

Side reins are two leather straps that are attached to both sides of the saddle and on the other hand, they are attached to the snaffle rings. To be resilient, they are often equipped with a ring in the middle. The side reins are used when no reins by the rider action takes place (such as when lunging, riding for beginners, etc.). The horse will be limited by these reins in his freedom of movement of the head up and right and left.

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Reins Thiedemann black, silver coloured buckles

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Delivery weight: 500 g
Product no.: R2-HH-28400061

Side Reins made of synthetic leather, black, silver coloured buckles, leatherite, size full

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Delivery weight: 500 g

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Side Reins Black, silver coloured buckles, with rubber ring
NZ$83.90 *
Delivery weight: 500 g
Sidereins leather black, without rubber rings, silver coloured fittings, to be used on both sides, length adjustable with buckles.
NZ$49.90 *
Delivery weight: 500 g
Product no.: UG-14100016
Side Reins nylon, black, full, silver coloured fittings. Made of easy care nylon, length adjustable via 7 D-rings, to be fixed with a silver colour carabiner and one snap hook.
NZ$39.50 *
Delivery weight: 400 g

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