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Hoof-Moisturizer 500 ml can

The Chevaline Blue Hufvital Hoofbalm. Caused by dry grounds, litter and sandy riding rings the hoof and sole are losing permanently the natural and necessary moisture. The horn becomes cracky and brittle. The important flexibility of the hoof gets lost and the hoof mechanism cannot longer fulfill its function as a natural shock absorber. As a consequence joints and tendons will be overstrained. The Chevaline Blue Hufvital Hoof Balm of herbal unsaturated fats regenerates the horn shell and works as an inner moisture barrier. It starts a recreation from inside to close cracks and regain flexibility.

• Keeps the hoofs flexible and resistant

• prevents dry and brittle hoof horn and regenerates the hoof horn by the natural oils and fats

• the enhanced hoof mechanism supports a better and equal growth of the hoof horn


the first 2 weeks apply Hufvital Balm once per day on the dry hoof and sole. Afterwards apply when necessary

high grade vegetable oils and natural fats

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