Frida. Fluorite Love Heart Angel Pendant

Frida. Fluorite Love Heart Angel Pendant

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Crystal: fluorite
You buy ONLY 1 (one) pendant. I have a total of 3 pendants and they are not completely identical, as fluorite beads are never one and the same: they can have different shades of purple and green. Upon your purchase, you will receive one of the 3 pendants pictured on the first photo.

Properties of green fluorite (based on Michael Gienger): aids creativity and dissolves blockages. It helps intensify emotions and moods and thus make them obvious. It also supports the overcoming of narrow-mindedness; brings ideas and a quick intellectual grasp. Physically: aids detoxification; helps with arthritis, rheumatism, gout and fungal infections.*

Violet fluorite: Liberation, self-determination. Purple fluorite helps for emotional stability and inner peace. It also assists with learning and concentrating disorders, and fortifies the memory. On the physical level, it helps with overweight caused by wrong eating habits, and also with tumors and septic wounds. *
Colour: green and violet
Metal beads: silver-plated, tested nickel and lead free

Clasp: Bail. It can be hanged on metal chains, rubber and leather cords.

Total length (incl. clasp): about 4.2 cm (1.7 in)


*Please, keep in mind that the usage of gemstones and minerals should not replace any medical treatment or advice.

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