Information for orders


We would like to point out that we check the products for defects before we send them to you. We also open the packaging in order to have a reference for a product description. So if you feel that the packaging of your ordered product has already been opened, you are right. However, we do not send used goods to you.

We would like to expressly ask you not to make any changes to the items you have ordered, as long as you are not sure whether you want to keep them. However, if changes have been made to returned items that have also led to a deterioration, we will charge a value replacement for this in accordance with our terms and conditions (see 2. cancellation policy: consequences of cancellation). The amount of the value replacement depends on the severity of the deterioration. The same applies if the returned items have dirt or unpleasant smells. We also ask you not to remove the manufacturers' labels if you do not want to keep things.

In order to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, we ask you to order only the products that you really want. If you still want to send a product back, for whatever reason, you have a right of return.

If you are not sure when choosing the size, please use the information given in the product description or the use the size tables, which can be found under Service. You may also contact us. We cannot guarantee that everything always fits, but we try to advise you as best we can.

Orders that have not yet been paid 14 days after receipt of the invoice will be automatically canceled by us - unless you inform us that you will still settle the invoice.

If you order a product that is marked with a longer delivery time, the invoice will be issued immediately after receipt of the order. These products will be ordered from the supplier for you as soon as the invoice has been paid. If a paid product is no longer available, you will get the paid amount back.

If you want a delivery on a certain date in the near future, please contact us to determine whether we can meet this delivery request. This applies above all for articles not immediately available. Also note that the delivery time is to be understood from your payment, not e.g. from receipt of order.