English and Latvian Word Formation Compared

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English and Latvian Word Formation Compared / / Andrejs Veisbergs | 978-9984-45-764-2 | / Latvijas Universitāte | 2013 | 140 s. | / Riga

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Verlag / / Latvijas Universitāte
Autor / / Andrejs Veisbergs
Stadt / / Riga
Seiten 140 S.
ISBN 978-9984-45-764-2
Detail /// /// This monograph deals with the main word-formation types in English and Latvian. Its analysis is contrastive, mainly on the synchronic level and abundantly illustrated by examples. It is intended for MA students of linguistics and translation and interpreting studies, and can also be used by BA students of English Lexicology and Contrastive Linguistics. The 213 sources quoted in the Bibliography offer an opportunity to delve into particular problems of interest in word formation.

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