Holidays with Ledvedik

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Holidays with Ledvedik / Natalia Kuschnerova | 978-3-946270-07-2 | EastEuroBooks  | 256 S. |  München

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Verlag EastEuroBooks
Autor Natalia Kuschnerova
Stadt München
Seiten 256 S.
ISBN 978-3-946270-07-2
Detail "Holidays with Ledvedik" is the continuation of the book "My friend Ledvedik," which explores Maxim’s life with his friend Ledvedik, a visitor from a parallel world. Over a year has passed since Ledvedik returned to his world. He did not come back as promised and Maxim starts to become lonely and blue. Then Maxim invites a foreign exchange student to visit him, and he immediately falls in love with her after seeing her photo. Unbelievably, instead of the charming girl, a little cheeky boy named Vladi arrives with his big mean cat and oodles of fake stories. Strangely enough, Vladi helps Maxim not only to find Ledvedik again, but they also become great friends. A month full of unusual, captivating, and thought-provoking adventures and experiences with Ledvedik ensues. // "Канікули з Ледведиком". Translated from Ukrainian by Natalia Kuschnerova, with illustrations by Anatoliy Vasylenko

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