Baltijskoe sosedstvo: Rossija, Svecija, strany Baltii na fone epoch i sobytij XIX--XXI vv.

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Балтийское соседство: Россия, Швеция, страны Балтии на фоне эпох и событий XIX--XXI вв. / Komarov A.A. / Комаров А.А. | 978-5-9710-0876-7 | LENAND / ЛЕНАНД | 2014 | 304 S. | Sankt-Peterburg / Санкт-Петербург

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Autor Komarov A.A. / Komarov A.A. / Комаров А.А.
Stadt Sankt-Peterburg / Sankt-Peterburg / Санкт-Петербург
Seiten 304 S.
ISBN 978-5-9710-0876-7
Detail The present collection of articles is published within the framework of the international project carried out by Russian, Swedish, Latvian and Estonian historians since 2010. The articles are dedicated to political, economical and cultural encounters in the Baltic Sea Region in XIX--XXI centuries. Among the authors are both top scholars and young specialists from Russia, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. /// ///

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