Aspektual’ni katehorii ukrains’koho diieslova

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Аспектуальні категорії українського дієслова / Svitlana Sokolova / Світлана Соколова | 978-966-460-134-1 | Knyha-plius / Книга-плюс | 2021 | 224 S. | Kyiv / Київ

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Publisher Knyha-pljus / Knyha-plius / Книга-плюс
Author Svitlana Sokolova / Svitlana Sokolova / Світлана Соколова
City Kyjiv / Kyiv / Київ
Pages 224 S.
ISBN 978-966-460-134-1
Detail The monograph by S. A. Sokolova is devoted to a scarcely researched topic, that is, the aspectuality of the Ukrainian verb and the specificity of Ukrainian aspects in comparison with other Slavic and non-Slavic languages. The book is an unconditional and weighty contribution, which undoubtedly lays the foundation of this scientific direction. The publication presents new facts not previously reflected in the works by Ukrainian and foreign linguists, exploits numerous textual and dictionary materials, the theoretical provisions are illustrated by vivid examples of classical and contemporary Ukrainian literature. The topic of the monograph is not only important for Ukrainian studies, but in a broader typological aspect as well. /// ///

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