Zhyttievi istorii pidpil’noi Tserkvy: zbirka interv’iu

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Життєві історії підпільної Церкви: збірка інтерв’ю / Borys Gudziak, Oleh Turii / Борис Ґудзяк, Олег Турій | 978-617-7637-36-2 | Vydavnytstvo UKU / Видавництво УКУ | 2022 | 592 S. | L’viv / Львів

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Publisher Vydavnyctvo UKU / Vydavnytstvo UKU / Видавництво УКУ
Author Borys Gudzjak, Oleh Turij / Borys Gudziak, Oleh Turii / Борис Ґудзяк, Олег Турій
City L’viv / L’viv / Львів
Pages 592 S.
ISBN 978-617-7637-36-2
Detail The collection includes seven life stories of people who – at the moment when the interviews were taken in the early 1990s – represented the oldest generation of the Soviet-era Greek-Catholic underground: bishop Fylymon Kurchaba, priests Mykola Markevych, Volodymyr Senkivskyi, Yaroslav Tykhyi, and Damian (Hryhoriy) Bohun OSBM, Maria (Faina) Liakher, a nun, and Natalia Popovych, an active laywoman. These stories, set against the dramatic background of the world war, the Soviet and the German occupations, and Stalinist repressions, demonstrate human aspirations for truth, dignity, and freedom, and give a compelling example of religiously motivated opposition against totalitarianism. Apart from vivid pictures of everyday life in Polish, German, and Soviet-controlled Galicia, the interviews shed light on some crucial historical episodes, including the forced liquidation of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, persecutions against its clergy, the underground ministry of Greek-Catholic priests, and the struggle for legalization of the Church. /// ///

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