Muzyka Ellady. The music of Hella

Muzyka Ellady. The music of Hella

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Музыка Эллады. The music of Hella / Anatolij Sevcenko / Анатолий Шевченко | 978-966-489-286-2 | Izdatel’skij dom Dmitrija Burago / Издательский дом Дмитрия Бураго | 2015 | 248 S. | Kiev / Киев

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Verlag Izdatel’skij dom Dmitrija Burago / Izdatel’skii dom Dmitriia Burago / Издательский дом Дмитрия Бураго
Autor Anatolij Sevcenko / Anatolii Shevchenko / Анатолий Шевченко
Stadt Kiev / Kiev / Киев
Seiten 248 S.
ISBN 978-966-489-286-2
Detail This work deals from a modern position, with the issue of comprehension of the music of Antiquity, its history and formation in the context of the general process of development of musical culture in the interaction of different cultures of East and West. Under the same cover tree articles relative to the subject in question are presented. They were written by the Master after the publication of the first edition// Russian/English paralle /// ///

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