Krampis : arhitekts Andris Kronbergs

Référence: 12_23_018

/ Jānis Lejnieks / | 9789984807744 | / Neputns | 2011 | 260 S. | / Riga

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Verlag / / Neputns
Autor Jānis Lejnieks / Jānis Lejnieks /
Stadt / / Riga
Seiten 260 S.
ISBN 9,78998E+12
Detail /// /// Dr.arch. Jānis Lejnieks' monograph “CRAMP. Architect Andris KRONBERGS” is dedicated to one of the most outstanding Latvian architects of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In addition to outlining the life and works of Andris Kronbergs, it offers a fascinating insight into questions and answers relating to the development of cities (particularly Riga) and the role of the architect in the contemporary world. The book also has an afterword by architect Zaiga Gaile and 200 illustrations.

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