Chronicles of the Renewed Crucification of Kosovo: March 1999 - December 2000

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/ Radovitch, Amfilohie / | 978-86-7660-177-6 | Svetigora / | 2014 | 703 s. | Cetinje /

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Verlag Svetigora / Svetigora /
Autor Radovitch, Amfilohie / Radovitch, Amfilohie /
Stadt Cetinje / Cetinje /
Seiten 703 s.
ISBN 978-86-7660-177-6
Detail The twentieth century has not been kind to Serbia or to the Serbian people. Wars and suffering have plagued the nation for the best part of the century. Yet it was not until the last decade - the 1990s - that Serbia was caught up in events that were destined to bring the nation to its knees, and threatened to break the proud spirit and heroism of its people. In March 1999, the country was subjected to a massive, 78-day bombing campaign by the countries of NATO. Only Greece, Serbia's traditional ally, refused to participate in this illegal and outrageous act of aggression by the so-called democratic nations of North America and Western Europe. /// ///

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