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Raikko Dance Bluetooth Vacuum Speaker

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Raikko DANCE VacuumSpeaker Bluetooth


The DANCE Bluetooth Vacuum speakers guarantee wireless music pleasure. Simply connect them to a Bluetooth (A2DP) device and you’ll immediately hear their full sound blasting from the mini spheres. With an output of 3.5 watts and a 45 mm diaphragm, the DANCE BT is setting new standards in the field of portable mini speakers. Thanks to the inbuilt microphone, the speakers can also be used as a hands-free device.



The RAIKKO® Vacuum speakers utilise patented vacuum technology. This technology allows you to boost the volume of the sound box up to three times its present level. For maximum sound enjoyment, simply open up the speaker system. When you want it to take up as little space as possible, just fold it up again and tuck it away in your trouser pocket.



Whether you have a smartphone, games console, MP3/MP4 player, laptop or netbook – the RAIKKO® Vacuum speakers can be connected to all audio devices with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as to Bluetooth (A2DP) enabled devices, replacing the lower volume speakers integrated in most audio equipment.



The RAIKKO® DANCE Bluetooth Vacuum speakers come with an inbuilt BuddyPlug, which allows you to connect as many DANCE Bluetooth boxes together as you like. It can also be combined with the RAIKKO® DANCE, NANO and Vacuum speakers.



- Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth (A2DP) enabled audio player.

- Can be used as a hands-free device

- 360° design

- Battery life 8 to 12 hours

- 45 mm diaphragm - delivers even more BASS!

- Integrated connection cable in the base

- Capsule-shaped loudspeaker system for when you are on the move

- Fits into all pockets and handbags

- Integrated battery, can be charged with USB connection


- BuddyPlug allows connections with as many RAIKKO speakers as you like



Name                             DANCE BT Vacuum speakers

Weight                           100g

Dimensions                    Ø 6.6 x H 5.2 cm

Diaphragm                     Ø 45mm

Output                           3.5 Watts

Volume                          > 80 dB

Frequency range             150Hz – 16kHz

Charging voltage            5 V ± 0.5 V

Battery life                     8 to 12 hours

Temperature range        0°C-40°C

Compatibility                 All devices with a 3.5 mm jack plug as well as Bluetooth (A2DP) enabled devices




- RAIKKO DANCE BT Vacuum Speaker

-  charging cable

-  operating instructions

- ccarrying pouch

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