Noble Design Magnetic Ring "Crystal"

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Sparkle ring. Beautiful, elegant magnetic ring, solid hand-occupied Genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements.
Stainless steel, nickel allergy free, polished, Gauss: 1200, Width: 5 mm


Magnetic rings stand for mobility and vitality. Our magnetic rings are for years the most popular parts of the collection.
See for yourself how beautiful, hardy and adaptable, these jewelry pieces
The ancient Chinese knew thousands of years ago, the importance of a balanced body balance and a harmonious flow of energy for our well-being.
In addition to the traditional Chinese acupuncture magnetic therapy increases blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The self-healing powers are stimulated and the defenses are strengthened.
We point out that our assumptions and statements have not been proven in regard to wearing magnetic jewelry in a scientific sense, and therefore to be rejected by mainstream medicine.

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