- Fascinating forces of nature



Natural force by magnets



Our design - Magnetic jewelry includes magnetic energy.


Our earth itself is a big magnet.

The force of the magnets affects all life.

Migratory birds and whales use the natural magnetic ways to orient themselves.


These wonderful powers of nature, give our magnetic jewelry giving a special effect.

Interesting information about magnetic forces in relation to our lives.


An Interview with Dr. Herbert Plum via magnetic forces.:



Magnetism is the building block of life.

Magnetism is the force that keeps order - on Earth and throughout the universe.


A basic principle which meets us everywhere - even in the smallest building blocks such as atoms, molecules and cells of the body.

Magnetism is therefore inextricably linked to the life.


Neodymium magnets:

Our jewelry have high-quality Neodymium magnets.

They are among the strongest in the world and are particularly durable.


Magnetic force:

The strength of a magnet is measured in units of gauss or Tesla.

In our jewelery Neodymium magnets are incorporated with at least 1,200 Gauss - equivalent to 0.12 Tesla.




Sensitive people feel a tingling or even a broadcast

of heat in the area where the magnet is located.


                       The magnetic field acts!


Not so sensible people do not feel this is possibly, but the magnet acts in spite of everything.




The strong magnetic field of the Earth has influence on all life.


Magnets have something mystical for many people. For man

has no sense of perception for their strength, at least not physical!


He can magnets and their energy fields can neither see, hear, smell,

taste even feel right. But the power of magnets is widely visible:


Drag ferromagnetic objects or other magnets as of

An invisible hand to.


Since ancient times, the magnetism mariners the way, delivers today

Magnetism as the foundation of hard disk storage

in computer technology.

And without the measurement of very small magnetic fields would not look into the human

Brain, by means of magnetic resonance imaging, possible.


The magnetic types

There are different kinds of magnets - natural and industrially produced



The naturally occurring magnetic stone (magnetite) is off

ferruginous lava that comes from the bowels of the earth, and from the

Nitrogen of the atmosphere together.


This cooled lava preserves the natural magnetism of the earth and

arrangements were made thousands of years ago by people.



Permanent / permanent magnets

These are industrially produced from a different material



Referred to as a permanent magnet permanent magnet generates magnetic fields without

that a current flow would be to detect.


A permanent magnet consists of many very small elementary magnets

are formed by a collection of atoms.


Each atom orbits at least one electron to the atomic nucleus.


Neodymium magnets

These are the latest, most powerful and most expensive magnets.

These magnets we use for our jewelry.

Neodymium magnets can be produced only in relatively small quantities.

They consist of an alloy of about one fifth and four boron

Fifths neodymium.

You lose only a very small part of their magnetic power per year.



The polar principle

Only humans have artificially generated magnets which are polarized differently.

This can be in contrast to the natural magnetic different

(positive and negative) charges on one of the sides are.


Different poles attract each other and like poles repel each other.


The polar principle we find in our lives in the form of day and night,

hot and cold, good and bad, right and wrong, etc. again.


Also in the Far Eastern philosophy and in acupuncture, a way of healing from the

Chinese medicine, duality, the principle of Yin is (negative)

and Yang (= positive), at the center.


The pole extending from pole to magnetic lines of force moving in a

three-dimensional rotation. In force field of the north pole to move the

Electrons and against the force field of the south pole clockwise (electron spin).


The different biological action of force of the two magnetic poles

was discovered in 1936 and described by Albert Davis.



Quotes / products:


Jörg Zittlau (German Medical Journal) in his article:


"Magnet therapy - there actually seems to be something to it"

"So there is evidence of actual pain

Action of the magnets. Physiologically, this effect is explained by the fact that

Magnets dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow.

This is confirmed by results of laboratory studies.

Malicious undesirable effects were observed. "


Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)

"Who used the magnet, will find that he not do anything without him

can against many diseases. It is a masterpiece of the artist in the drug,

can be found as none more far and wide. "


Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

"Iron is the oxygen carrier in our body and plays the mineral

also for the metabolism of cells play an important role. Will there be magnetized,

obtain the cells an energy - push, the better and faster

can work. "


Naturopaths Dr. med. H. C. Karl-Heinz Hanusch

"The magnetic field therapy saves in many cases the use of medication."

This was confirmed among other things the doctor: Dr. med. Johannes Schultze in a

Specialized publication with its determination to treat pain:

"The cost savings through virtually complete absence of drugs and

other physical treatment is noteworthy. "



In one by the WHO (World Health Organisation) led study

In 1987 the use of static magnetic fields

explained below 20000 Gauss for harmless.





When the magnetic field therapy and the wearing of magnetic jewelry is to be

an alternative method of healing their mode of action in conventional medicine is controversial.

We point out that our assumptions and statements regarding

on wearing magnetic jewelry in a scientific sense

are not proven and are therefore rejected by conventional medicine.