Acerola Tablets Sugar Free

Acerola Tablets Sugar Free

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Packaging size: 70 g box (120 tablets á 600 mg Acerola powder)

Ingredients: Acerola powder, isomalt, natural raspberry flavour, silica, 65 mg natural Vitamin C

Suggested use: Adults and kids as well may suck 2 tablets per day – healthy and delicious! Acerola - the natural Vitamin C

Our Acerola powder is made of the ripe Acerola cherries by spray method. The quantity of the added carrier maltodextrin depends on the ripeness of the fruit. Long experience is important, and also a flexible manufacturing. The extraction is of pink colour tastes slightly sour. The added quantitiy of maltodextrin amounts to only 20-30 %, whereas on the international market the content of maltodextrin often exceeds 50 %. But while the production costs of this commercial Acerola are lower, colour and taste of it not suitable to compete with our high-quality product. Please compare it!

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