Rainforest Chewing Gum Spearmint

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Organic certified, all natural gum from the rainforests of the Mexican peninsula Yucatan.
56 Chiclero cooperatives with just under 2,000 members have joined forces there to form a "Concorcio Chiclero" out of which chewing gum is produced and marketed. The chewing gum production is the most important income source of the local forest dwellers and is at the same time guarantor for the preservation of the local rainforests.

The chew comes from the widespread Chicozapote trees, which are tapped similar to the latex trees in the Amazon to win the raw latex milk.

The natural gum is made with biological sweeteners u.a. Fructose, agave syrup and natural flavors. While conventional chewing gum contains only between 5-7 percent of nutritious chewing gum (the rest are petrochemical polymers - that is, plastic), the rainbow chewing gum consists of 100% natural chewing gum and is therefore completely biodegradable.

In a booklet are 12 chewing gum.
In a PU there are 10 booklets. If you want to order a packaging unit, you must enter a 10 with "number".

DE - ECO-007


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