Guarana bar

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Packaging size : 35 g bar
Ingredients: Chocolate cover (cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, emulsifier sojalecithine, aroma) (20 %), whey powder (partly desugared), milk protein (16 %), glycose syrup, wetting agent sorbit syrup, vegetable fat (unhardened),guarana-seedpowder (6 %), candy sugar syrup, aroma, calcium carbonate, calcium orthophosphate, emulsifier sojalecithin, vitamin C, vitamin E acetate, vitamin B12
Suggested use: Depending on your personal demand 1-2 bars per day. Nutritional values per 100 g (per bar): Energy 402 kcal / 1709 kJ (141 kcal/598 kJ), protein 21,5 g (7,5 g), carbohydrates 56,3 g (19,7 g), fat 10,1 g (3,5 g)

Guarana - the natural stimulant
Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is a climbing plant that belongs to the group of soap tree plants. It is originated in the tropical rain forest. No cultivating is necessary to grow guarana. The seed are collected by hand and the drying is done by the sun. Perfect stimulant on the way: The tablets are available in practical small boxes. 

Alpinistes confirm the great nutritional power of the AMAZONAS Guarana bar. To get rid of tiredness and weakness, we often consume synthesized stimulating substances with caffeine. This kind of caffeine is quickly absorbed by our organism – and we often feel pepped. The “Guarana caffeine” stimulates the central nervous system very pleasantly for several hours.

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